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I have built my business on curating stories. From crafting my brand story through the reasons for starting my business, incorporating all I love into it, to telling stories within my work. Story telling is so important to me, ingrained in me from a love of reading novels all of my life, writing stories as a teenager and now collecting pieces to help curate stories for all of my clients. In this post I want to share with you the process of telling stories through the design of an editorial. Read on to hear all about it…

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I haven’t always been a designer and stylist, it came about after years of longing to do something creative but never having the faith. Lots of things happened to give me that leap of faith to believe in myself and follow my dreams, and I wanted to talk about them today. How I’ve carved a career based on all of the things that I love and how my passion for all that I do allows me to have the best time whilst doing it, which in turn means I can give my all to my clients and couples and create my best work for them. I’d love for you to read more about how I got to where I am…

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