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As an English designer and stylist, I’m known for creating a mood of timeless elegance through a lightness of touch, dreamy tablescapes, and carefully considered blend of antique and contemporary details. I work with those who dream of a tasteful, beautiful experience like no other, and strive to purposefully incorporate meaningful details into every visual aspect. From creating a design concept rooted in thoughtful storytelling and finding visionary suppliers who bring their own magic, through to painstakingly setting each table with just the right notes for an incredible atmosphere. I’m here to create a one-of-a-kind experience of enduring beauty, just for you.

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Setting the table is setting
the mood

“Ah the humble table, my most favourite scene to style. The table is at the heart of any celebration. It’s where loved ones come together, sharing conversation and making new memories. It has a special ability to set in memory the events that unfold, as hands brush against tactile napkins and eyes glitter in candlelight. Oh how I love to bring texture, tone, restraint, and balance to each detail. From delicate fabrics and tarnished metal, to abundant seasonal flowers and gently muted colour, curated to evoke an atmosphere of absolute quality and undeniable romance.”

My Story

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been in love with all things old. From antiques with just the right amount of patina to historic buildings with bone structure to die for, they just seem to get better with age as we each add layers of our own stories to them. So it’s not really surprising that a girl with a serious case of nostalgia and irrepressible creative streak ended up here. The turning point came when I became a mother and I realised there was no way I could go back to the corporate world as a PA and office manager. I saw an opportunity to combine my passion for interior design, dinner parties, and ever-growing collection of aged props, and The Timeless Stylist was born. And although Pinterest and Instagram are definitely my spiritual homes online, it’s really not just about the pretty. My approach is very much grounded in kindness and empathy, as one of my top priorities is creating a unique experience for you that is a true expression of your story. It’s all about working in togetherness with you to curate a refined, meaningful celebration that is timeless in style and forever loved.

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